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Find Out If Features Cleaned Up Their Particular Act Or If Perhaps They Nevertheless Swindle Individuals

We did a report about in Oct of 2017. Nowadays we are shining the light back on dark Crush. We revisited the internet site in 2019 to find out if something had altered. We wanted to determine if the internet site was still scamming folks or performed they clean up their unique work and attempt to make a legitimate dating solution. Sadly upon a simple look of this website absolutely nothing features modification at all. This site still is scamming folks. BlackCrush remains generating artificial feminine internet dating pages. The website is however admitting they are making use of automatic computer system bots to transmit people who join their fake web site phony immediate messages and phony electronic mails. If you join their site you’ll still be bombarded with e-mails and immediate communications that every need you to improve a buy a membership to be able to check the articles during the imitation emails. Here is the exact same scenario that individuals encountered in 2017.

So unfortuitously we can not supply a good buy news about Ebony Crush they can be nevertheless running in the same deceptive way they were a couple of years back and nothing has evolved at all. Hopefully you discovered this data when you had gotten ripped off on the matchmaking program.

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